LAUC-D Spring 2021 General Membership Meeting Agenda


LAUC-D General Membership Meeting 

Time: June 9, 2021 1:00-2:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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  1. Call to Order 
  2. Call for additions to agenda

B. Approval of Minutes 

C. Welcome and Announcements 

  1. Upcoming Session with Library Strategic Plan Steering Committee (Lunch Discussion)

D. Recognition of New Members. (In lieu of LAUC-D Annual Reception)

Alison Lanius, Jason Sarmiento, Nancy Wallace, and Sheena Campbell.

E.  MacKenzie Smith, University Librarian and Vice Provost of Digital Scholarship.

F. Nominations and Elections. Melissa Browne

  1. Presentation of  LAUC Election Slate
  2.  Presentation of the LAUC-D slate and Call for Nominations from the ‘Floor’ for LAUC-D Slate.

G. The New LAUC-D Website

  1. Retiring the old site
  2. Social Media and LAUC-D

H. Committee Reports

CAPA Chair: Lisa Spagnolo

Nominations Chair: Melissa Browne

Professional Issues Chair: Megan Van Noord

Program : Michelle Polchow

Prof RPAC: Kevin Miller

LAUC-D Ad-Hoc Diversity Committee: Melinda Livas

I. LAUC State-Wide Reports

General: David Michalski

LAUC Research Committee: Kevin Miller

LAUC CPG: Adam Siegel

LAUC Committee on DEI: Xiaoli Li 

J. Discussion: LAUC-D Budget 

K. Discussion: Distinguished Librarian Award

M.  Adjournment 

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