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The Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC), founded in 1967, is a statewide organization of all librarians employed at least half time by the University. Membership is automatic and entails no dues. In 1971, after local chapters at each campus had worked for LAUC recognition, the Association was authorized to use the name of the University. In 1975 LAUC was formally recognized as an official unit of the University. The objectives of LAUC are: to advise the University on professional and governance matters; to make recommendations concerning UC librarians’ rights, privileges, and obligations; and to promote full utilization of UC librarians’ professional abilities. A comprehensive 25-year history of LAUC is available at:

LAUC-D first met in 1967 and received formal local recognition by the Chancellor’s Office in 1968. An early history of the division is available at http://www.ucop.edu/lauc/history/25yrs-d.pdf. The roster of current members is available at http://laucd.lib.ucdavis.edu/GeneralMembership/genmemroster.htm


LAUC’s most important function is the advice it provides to the systemwide, campus and library administrations on the best course for the University’s libraries. Because the front-line librarians who work most closely with faculty and students in fulfilling the University’s educational mission are often leaders in LAUC, the organization is able to convey user needs to senior management. LAUC has provided leadership concerning the following crucial areas: cooperative collection development and resource sharing during a period of retrenchment; the impact of new information technologies on libraries; enhanced bibliographic access to diverse collections and services to diverse users; and, most recently, information literacy. LAUC position papers and other documents are located at the LAUC website at:

The membership of the local division of LAUC-D meets quarterly to review and discuss issues and priorities of the division and LAUC Statewide.


The LAUC statewide organization is composed of an Executive Board, including the President, Vice-President/President-Elect, Secretary, immediate past President (ex-officio), and the chairs of the ten campus divisions. The officers of LAUC are elected by the membership. The President calls at least two assembly meetings per year to which each division sends a delegation in proportion to its membership. The assembly hears reports from the President, guest speakers and the chairs of committees, discusses current issues, and debates and votes on resolutions and committee recommendations.

LAUC-D is composed of an Executive Board, including the Chair, the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Secretary, immediate Past Chair, and the chairs of standing LAUC-D committees. The LAUC-D officers, committee chairs, and committee members-at-large are elected by the membership. The LAUC-D Executive Board appoints committee members at the first Executive Board Fall meeting. Twice a year, the Chair, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, and Secretary attend the LAUC Statewide Assembly as voting representatives of the division.


LAUC has several standing committees, each with representatives from all campus divisions such as: the Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction, which oversees the bylaws of the Association; the Committee on Cultural Diversity; the Library Plans and Policies Committee; the Professional Governance Committee; and the Research and Professional Development Committee. In addition, there are task forces on other issues. Further information on these committees is found at:

LAUC-D has five standing committees: the Professional Issues Committee, Professional Activities Committee, Research Committee, Program Committee, and the Academic Personnel Action Review Board. Additional local ad hoc committees and task forces may also be assembled. Standing committees submit an annual report to the Executive Board. Descriptions of committee responsibilities are available in the LAUC-D bylaws at:


The LAUC-D Program Committee organizes local programs and events such as the annual LAUC-D Membership Fall Reception. Informal LAUC-D networking is encouraged through lunch & chat and campus tour opportunities while professional development is enhanced through formal programs with invited speakers.

Professional Development Funding

LAUC annually administers a research program with funding provided by the Office of the President. Since 1980, this program has supported over 150 projects. A listing of funded LAUC statewide research project titles and descriptions is located at: 

The program has also supported several research and instructional activities related to the changing California Digital Library system and scholarly communications.

Through the auspices of the local LAUC-D Research Committee, more than 100 projects have been conducted in the past 22 years, with 4-5 projects funded on average each year. The number ranges from a minimum to maximum of 1-9 local projects yearly. See the website for a listing of these projects at:

Limited funds are available through the LAUC-D Professional Activities Committee for professional development activities, including participation in conferences, continuing education, and other activities. All librarians are eligible to apply for these funds.

Academic Status

Librarians are academic appointees at the University of California. Academic status is the sum of the privileges, rights and responsibilities accorded to librarians as professional employees whose work is closely related to the teaching and research functions of the University. Self-governance, University support of professional development and discretionary use of time in the fulfillment of responsibilities are hallmarks of this status, based on academic traditions of autonomy and sustained professional growth. Academic status therefore includes but is not limited to: the freedom to perform a range of functions within the profession, a choice of avenues for professional development, performance evaluation based on activities relevant to the profession, review by one’s peers and job security as stated in University policies and contracts.

Although UC librarians are not members of the Academic Senate, LAUC-D members have the unique position of serving as members of the UC Davis Academic Federation (AF). The Federation is a parallel organization to the Senate for a range of non-ladder faculty academics, and librarians often serve on AF committees. For more information on the Federation, see:

Peer Review

Librarians, like other academic staff, are evaluated for appointment, advancement, and promotion by committees of their peers, elected or appointed at each of the campus divisions. Like faculty, librarians are required to progress through a three-part series, consisting of the ranks of Assistant, Associate and full Librarian. Librarian reviews go through a multi-step process, with preliminary evaluation made by the University Library Academic Personnel Action Review Board, and then by the University Librarian and Personnel Committee of the Academic Federation. Librarian Series Peer Review Documents are located at http://www.lib.ucdavis.edu/dept/admin/pearls/ and on the LAUC-D website.

Distinguished Librarian Award

An appointed committee of LAUC-D members conducts the nomination process, then organizes and plans the Distinguished Librarian award presentation and reception. The award recognizes excellence in librarianship, specifically as it furthers the teaching and research missions of the University on the Davis campus. The awardee represents the consistent embodiment of the highest standards of librarianship, which would enhance the activities and quality of the University’s intellectual community by exceptional activity through service, creativity, innovation, intellectual or moral courage, leadership or scholarship. Further information on the award is available at:

Ways to Get Involved

All members are encouraged to attend the quarterly LAUC-D general membership meetings. Agendas and documents to be discussed are distributed to members in advance of each meeting. The annual LAUC-D Membership Fall Reception traditionally includes introductions of new librarians. Additional membership meetings may be called by the Chair at any time as important issues arise that require discussion by all LAUC-D members. Members are also welcome to attend meetings of the LAUC-D Executive Board, which meets monthly.

All members may attend the LAUC statewide assemblies, held each fall and spring at one of the UC campuses. Announcements about the LAUC statewide assemblies, LAUC-D meetings and programs, and issues related to LAUC are posted on the LAUC-D listserv. The LAUC-D website provides information about the division, as well as links to the statewide LAUC website. LAUC members can become more involved in local and statewide activities by volunteering for committee assignments and running for office.

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