2021-2022 LAUC-D General Membership

(Accurate as of: April 2021)


MacKenzie Smith macsmith@ucdavis.edu Administration
William Garritywfgarrity@ucdavis.eduAdministration-DUL (acad title code)
Beth Callahanbacallahan@ucdavis.eduAdministration-AUL (acad title code)
Rice Majorsramajors@ucdavis.eduAdministration-AUL (acad title code)
Jason Sarmiento ajsarmiento@ucdavis.edu Archives and Special Collections
Christine Cheng czcheng@ucdavis.edu Archives and Special Collections
Jullianne Ballou jballou@ucdavis.edu Archives and Special Collections
Kevin Miller kcmiller@ucdavis.edu Archives and Special Collections
Amy Studer acstuder@ucdavis.edu Blaisdell Medical Library
Bruce Abbott btabbott@ucdavis.edu Blaisdell Medical Library
Christy Navarro cenavarro@ucdavis.edu Blaisdell Medical Library
Lorri Zipperer lzipperer@ucdavis.edu Blaisdell Medical Library
Nicole Capdarest-Arest ncapdarest@ucdavis.edu Blaisdell Medical Library
Alison Laniusaklanius@ucdavis.eduCollection Strategies
Belen Fernandez bcfernandez@ucdavis.edu Collection Strategies
Cory Craig cjcraig@ucdavis.edu Collection Strategies
Robert (Bob) Heyer-Gray rheyer@ucdavis.edu Collection Strategies
Jared Campbell jlecampbell@ucdavis.edu Content Support Services
Lisa Spagnolo lcspagnolo@ucdavis.edu Content Support Services
Michelle Polchow mpolchow@ucdavis.edu Content Support Services
TJ Kao tjkao@ucdavis.edu Content Support Services
Xiaoli Li xlli@ucdavis.edu Content Support Services
Alyssa Thurston amthurston@ucdavis.edu Law Library
David Holt dbholt@ucdavis.edu Law Library
Elisabeth McKechnie emckechnie@ucdavis.edu Law Library
Judy Janes jcjanes@ucdavis.edu Law Library
Kristin Brandt khbrandt@ucdavis.edu Law Library
Stephanie Chavez sjchavez@ucdavis.edu Law Library
Ted Pitts ttpitts@ucdavis.edu Law Library
Adam Siegel apsiegel@ucdavis.edu Researcher Services
Daniel Goldstein dgoldstein@ucdavis.edu Researcher Services
Megan Van Noord mgvannoord@ucdavis.edu Researcher Services
David Michalski michalski@ucdavis.edu Researcher Services
Stephen Kiyoi shkiyoi@ucdavis.edu Researcher Services
Alesia McManus alemcmanus@ucdavis.edu Student Services
Erik Fausak edfausak@ucdavis.edu Student Services
Melissa Browne mabrowne@ucdavis.edu Student Services
Matt Conner mconner@lib.ucdavis.edu Student Services
Melinda Livas mmlivas@ucdavis.edu Student Services
Nancy Wallace nmwallace@ucdavis.edu Student Services
Ruth Gustafson ragustafson@ucdavis.edu Student Services
Roberto Delgadillo rdelgadillo@ucdavis.edu Student Services
Sheena Campbell scampbell@ucdavis.edu Student Services

[Draft] Review update schedule and add here, perhaps:

  • LAUC-D Chair updates roster in late summer?   (before it is due to statewide)
  • Nominations Committee updates roster in Spring?  (before annual election)